Pool Heat Pumps

Enjoy Your Pool Year Round


Year Round Swimming

Make the most of home living and enjoy your pool all year round.

Low Electricity Use

Heat Pumps are incredibly efficient. They transfer heat from warm outside air directly into your pool water.

Perfect with Solar

With their low electricity draw, heat pumps can work great with solar systems, keeping your pool warm, even if you are in the dark.

Heating your pool with a swimming pool heat pump is a cost effective way to warm your pool, letting you make the most of your home living. Whether its for exercise or for fun, being able to use your pool year round not only adds value to your home, but also to your life.

Jozi Pools are able to provide the best pool heating solution for every type of pool. We now also offer a credit service, meaning you can get your heated pool now while you pay over the next twelve months.

How Does a Pool Heat Pump Work?

  1. Your filter pump sends cool water to the heat pump
  2. The heat pump’s fan pulls in warm ambient air
  3. An evaporator coil extracts the heat from the air
  4. This extracted air warms refrigerant gas inside a coil within the pump
  5. A compressor then pressurises this warm vapour into a hot gas
  6. This hot gas flows through the inner tubes of a heat exchanger
  7. The cool pool water flows through the heat exchanger and warms up
  8. The gas cools to a liquid, exits the exchanger and the the cycle repeats

“Heat pumps achieve more than 80% of the savings that are possible with a comparable solar water heating system, but at a much lower installation cost, thus leading to a significantly improved payback period.”

– Dr. Riaan Rankin & Dr. Martin van Eldik
M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd / North-West University
February 2008*

Swim Year Round

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