Pamper your pool

Now is the time for Renovations, Maintenance and Rebuilds

Pamper Your Pool

Now is the time for repairs, maintenance and rebuilds

Experienced Pool Installers

Jozi Pools have been building and  installing incredible designer pools since 2011. Our staff are highly trained and experienced which shows in the quality of our work.

Workmanship Guaranteed

We know you will be more than satisfied with our work and offer a guarantee that your pool will meet your unique needs.

5 Year Warranty

We take pride in our work and have incredible attention to detail. Every element of of your new pool will be meticulously planned and built.

Leak Detection and Repairs

Leaks not only increase your water bill they can affect the structural integrity of your pool. Jozi Pools are experts in leak detection and repairs, contact us now if you think your pool needs our attention.

Pool Pump Repairs and Replacements

Your pool pump is the heart of your pool and a faulty pump can put your entire pool system under strain. If you think your pool pump isn’t running as optimally as it should, get in touch, we’ll sort it out.

Pool Relining

Like anything pools age and wear and tear is normal. If your pool needs relining look no further than Jozi Pools. With over 15 years in the business we can fix anything you can throw at us.

Paving and Tiling

Paving gets misaligned and tiles get cracked. Whether you’re looking for repairs or want to re-imagine your pools surroundings we’ve got you covered.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues aren’t just annoying they can be dangerous too. If you think your pool’s electrics aren’t behaving as they should get in touch, you guessed it, we’re experts at pool electrical issues too.

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